Who are Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (Ireland) CLG?

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (Ireland) CLG (CBPI) is the professional accreditation body for CBT in the Republic of Ireland. Our purpose is to contribute to the good practice of CBT by promoting high standards of professional conduct, professional education, training and competence among CBT psychotherapists practising in Ireland.

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (Ireland) CLG is registered in the Republic of Ireland .

CBPI Accredited CBT psychotherapists practice within/from the Republic of Ireland and are subject to Irish law (instruments of EU directives).

CBPI Accredited CBT Practitioners are from regulated healthcare professions, such as nursing, occupational therapy, medicine and social work, before completing further training to qualify as cognitive behaviour (CBT) therapists.

CBPI’s Key Responsibilities

  • CBPI is a professional body for CBT practitioners and Specialists in CBT.
  • We maintain the “Register of CBPI Accredited CBT Psychotherapists” and the Register of CBPI Speciality CBT Psychotherapists” practising in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Ensuring the highest standards of CBT training and education in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Ensuring that all new and existing members fulfil the criteria for accreditation and meet requirements for the retention of accreditation.
  • Promoting continuing professional development of our members and good practice.
  • Promoting cognitive behavioural psychotherapy.

What is a CBPI Accredited CBT Practitioner?

One who :

  • Is a University graduate from a regulated core healthcare profession
  • Completed specialty training in CBT (4years) culminating in CBPI accreditation
  • Has undertaken Hospital/Healthcare based mental health CBT training
  • Is receiving ongoing clinical supervision by a CBT accredited therapist
  • Practices psychotherapy (CBT) in a clinical setting (public or the community and private)
  • Continues to develop skills to ensure the delivery of best practice
  • Has further undertaken subspecialty CBT training (usually in CBT protocols for specific, significant mental health disorders E.g. CBT for Psychosis CBTp)
  • Adheres to a code of conduct & delivers ethical psychotherapy

What can you expect from a CBPI Accredited Psychotherapist?

Members of CBPI acquire considerable hospital/healthcare based mental health training and experience in the assessment and delivery of clinical interventions for the management and effective treatment for many different health and mental health conditions of varying severity.